Im older than I feel, although if I play football that is certainly reversed!

Love wildlife and capturing what it gets up to especially when we are not around!

Used Trailcams for 10 years and CCTV style cameras for around 14 years to capture wildlife.

Use DSLR camera traps to try to capture shots mainly of Otters but increasingly looking towards other species.

Never taken a perfect picture, never been that happy with one either but I am kind of glad about that, because if I ever do I suspect that will be the last time I pick up a camera!

Do also use stills cameras in the normal way but not as much as I should, just looking for that lottery win to fall to allow me the time it requires.

Love Raptors and I am part of GRMG

Hate wildlife crime and just want people to obey the law and the spirit of the law, not much to ask is it?

Able to do village, school, youth groups talks where I am keen to share the local wildlife to wider audiences.  My Mantra is show people what is there and they will care and protect it. 

Always willing to give advice where I can

Claim to fame - Once told the future King of Englands Mum his fish had constipation

Day job - IT & Security Director although clearly not involved in websites!