• Gareth Jones

Its been a while....

I thought it was about time I resurrect my website. So much has gone and I have been so busy the last couple of years but I am hoping I will now have more time.

A large portion of my time is taking up with raptors currently whether its nest finding, monitoring or helping liase with authorities over Raptor Crime.

I do still have time to use trail cameras in my local area mainly on streams and rivers following the Otter families but also in woodland to help our monitoring of raptors.

As some visitors will never have seen my work I will upload some of my older stuff but will also upload new work whether that be trailcams, nestbox style cameras or other projects I am working on.

As a taster, below is a Goshawk captured on a trailcam during a project for Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group https://glosraptors.co.uk/

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