• Gareth Jones

Gareth and the Giant Owl

For some reason, I was feeling a bit Roald Dahl, but there is no Giant Owl just a normal sized Owl, but in my eyes a special one all the same!

Some of you might have seen our Tawny Owls on #hughswildwest where I was on the very first program talking about our Tawny Owls, Bats and other wildlife in and around our garden.

Last year we had one chick that progressed to fledging and this year our Tawny Owls have just laid an egg, this hopefully will progress to us experiencing another season of seeing eggs turn into young Owls and all the joy as well as heartache that brings! This is the moment that our Tawny laid her first egg, not many people ever have the chance to see this and it's a real privilege to share it with you all.


Picture from last year.

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